uglycousin4 : the uglyrejects

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~  memorial day 2008 ~

the dueling uglies issue

Your guide to the mags and rags that rejected the great poems in this issue.

the James Autio pages

rejected by The Gettysburg Review, Conte, The Packingtown Review, The Poetry JournalPoetry Midwest, Third Coast

Chute Man
rejected by DislocateGreen Mountains ReviewThird Coast, The Packingtown Review

Letter from LaPointe
rejected by Yellow Medicine Review (vol. 3), Yellow Medicine Review (vol. 4)

the David R. DiSarro pages

Autumn in a Graveyard
rejected by

Road Poems
rejected by

After the Wake
rejected by

These rejections coming soon.  I seem to have misplaced them.  Really, we're sure they were rejected, though.  --Scott


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