the old ugly
past issues of uglycousin

issue two
marshmallow Day 2007
the cool cover issue
the real theme was "stuff we like," i suppose, but the issue does have a cool cover.  lots of offbeat poems and stories, martyrs and hockey players. 

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issue three
midsummer's eve 2007
the reunion issue
some great reading, of course, and a great experiment (we judge greatness by the level with which it pisses people off):  we cut first lines from people's works, bringing them together as one.

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issue four
memorial day 2008
the deuling uglies issue
 we reject all but two of the previously rejected poets and make them fight it out.  the pen is mightier than the sword and all of that.  

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issue five
some holiday 2008
the magic fives issue 
this is probably the craziest thing we've done.  we take 23 words from poems we like and present them is this oddly excerpted but beautiful poetry issue.  

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